The strange behavior of Hillary Clinton

The strange behavior of Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton Brain Damaged? Strange Behavior Since 2012 Indicates Traumatic Brain Injury And Ongoing Physical Manifestations Normally Attributed With Severe Head Trauma
Fits of temper on public display, disappearing from the Democratic debate stage, barking like a dog, Clinton's recent 'bobble-head' routine and other strange behaviors displayed by the Democratic presumptive nominee for President, all could be indicative that Hillary Clinton's 2012 fall which lead to hospitalization for a concussion, resulted into lasting and permanent brain damage.


In 2012 it was widely reported that Hillary Clinton fainted in her home, after contracting a stomach bug, fell and suffered what was initially described as a "mild concussion," yet in 2014, Bill Clinton stated that it took her six months to recover from the injury, strongly indicating the brain trauma was far worse that originally reported. 


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