Passerby films the crashed school bus in New Jersey

Passerby films the chaotic scene of the deadly school bus crash, where two people were killed and 43 others injured after a collision with a dump truck on I-80 in Mount Olive Township, New Jersey.

Teacher and student are killed and 43 are injured after school bus full of fifth graders on a day trip crashes into dump truck in New Jersey
The crash happened on I-80 in Mount Olive Township in New Jersey at 10.22am on Wednesday morning
A student and a teacher were killed and dozens more students were injured in the accident
Twenty ambulances flocked to the scene to take the wounded children to nearby hospitals 
Some of the students are still undergoing surgery in other hospitals. The dump truck driver is also in hospital 
The bus belongs to East Brook Middle School in Paramus and is believed to have been taking kids on a trip 
The school had a day trip for 5th Graders, who are aged 10 to 11, to Waterloo Village scheduled for the day 
The truck belongs to Mendez Trucking which is based in Belleville and has a history of traffic accidents

Two people, including one student, died and 43 people were injured in a horrifying school bus crash in New Jersey on Thursday morning.  

The incident happened at around 10.22am on I-80 Thursday morning near Mount Olive Township as the bus from East Brook Middle School in Paramus made its way towards Waterloo Village with 38 students and seven adults on board for a school trip. 

The children were all fifth graders aged between 10 and 11.

It is not clear how the accident happened but it involved the bus colliding with a red dump truck. The impact was so strong it forced the bus off its chassis. 

The cab carrying all of the passengers and driver went flying into the metal barrier on the side of the highway as a result. 

One adult and one student died. The adult was a teacher, according to officials who spoke at a press conference on Thursday afternoon. 

Forty-three people were taken to hospital and some remain in a critical condition. Some of the victims are still undergoing surgery in various area hospitals.   

The bus was one of three taking students from the school to the historic village. 

The other two vehicles arrived safely at the historic site but, when teachers learned of the accident, made their way back to the school after 10 minutes.  The children were told at the time that they had to turn back because of a storm. 

They only learned of the accident involving their classmates once they were back at the school. Police were seen searching the surrounding woodland with cadaver dogs afterwards. 

Students on the other two buses have since revealed that none of them had their cell phones with them at the time because they all left their phones in lockers at the school before departing for the trip. 

At a press conference on Thursday afternoon, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy said morosely: 'I stand here as both the governor and somebody who knows the community very well. I am also here as a dad and you have days like this.... this is tragic. 

'Our thoughts and prayers are with the families, the teachers, the councillors, the staff, the extraordinary first responders who in many cases were at the scene of this accident.

'It is with a heavy heart that we stand before you.

'There were 38 students and seven adults on board including the driver, a total of 43 people of 45 were injured and were transported to area hospitals for treatment.

'Some are in critical condition and are undergoing surgery so please keep everybody in your prayers. 

'There are two confirmed fatalities, god rest their souls.' 

The bus collided with a red truck which belongs to Mendez Trucking, a Belleville based company.

The New York Post reports that the company and, specifically the truck which was involved in Thursday's accident, has a history of problems.

The same truck was involved in an accident on the NJ Turnpike in 2016. It is not clear if it was the same driver. 

The vehicle has the words 'In God We Trust' written on the back. The front of it was destroyed in the accident. 


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