Genesis: Air, Water, Life.

Performed in Seattle at Emerald City Trapeze Arts, March 2, 2012 Mardi Gras Show

This project was made possible by the generous contributions of no less than 50 backers, and many friends and collegues.  To learn more about Project Genesis click here:  http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/genesis/genesis-air-water-life
Aerialist:  Rachel Strickland

Music:  "Water from the Same Source"
by         Rachel's - from the album "Systems/Layers" 
copyright 2003 - Quarterstick Records - BMI

My wonderful backers!

Grant Henry
Kristina Nekyia
Shaun Vann
Jake Dandridge
Prem Mansukhani
Amy Rich
Stephanie Spark
Ethan Hunter
Adrienne Outcalt
Jennifer Burrell
Cameron Grace
Abby Weaver
Susie McKinney
Porscha Yount-Orndorf
Andrew Cheatham
Meg Eason
Anna Roe
Audrey Ipapo Baran
Shanna Arney
Alan Cardy
Nash Fung
Paul Thompson
Jesse B. Miller
Joshua Strickland and Laura Di Mare
Luke Haynes
Bridget Gunning
Geoffrey Myers
Greg Jennings
Dean Walch
Ginger McKinney
Stuart Daciuk
Jen Deep
Mauro Costa
And an extra special thank you to my premium donors,

Marius Presterud
Brad Serbus
Aimee Cook
Kent and Megan Wilton
Mig Gerard
Lisa Acton
Jon Evans
Bob and Rebecca Bookholt
Kim Garland
Christina Acee
Jessica Prince
And an extra, cherry on top thank you to William Sims, who donated so generously his time and skillz and made my life infinitely easier by his kindness.  
And to Bruce Magnotti for his magnanimously contributed media.
Also to Gary Kirkland for saying "It's GOT to be in the show!", and all of Emerald City Trapeze Arts for putting up with me sloshing water everywhere, especially the Winch Team (especially Benny Searle) and to Brian. 


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