I owned a recording studio in Atlantic City NJ and Dennis was an extremely good singer and writer.  We hit it off instantly as a music production team. Several years later after we accumulated nearly 100 songs together, thats when I moved to LA and made some really big contacts to help us to the next level. Soon after Dennis moved out to LA w/me. I took him under my wing paying for his room and board in order so we could work on our demos. We recorded about 25 more songs. I had Billy Idols' producer (Keith Forsey) overwhelmed when I played him my engineering tapes at Giorgio Moroders studio in LA. After I introduced Dennis to Forsey thats when Dennis lost touch with lucidity. I mean his demeanor and normal behavior totally changed 180 degrees into some kind of demon? The defendant you see in this episode is not the same person I knew before moving to Los Angeles. He was like a brother to me. 
As for those two other gentlemen behind the defendant, I have no idea who they are or where he found them? 


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