We're Board - Episode 1 - The People's Court

Episode 1 - The Peoples Court

In this episode Khrysti and Matt play a rousing round of "The People's Court". 

"The People's Court" board game was produced in 1986 by Hoyle Products. The box description reads "An exciting fun-filled boar game for those who would like to 'TELL IT TO THE JUDGE'".

Based n the popular tv show of the time "The People's Court" plays have to fill their "Plaintiff's Case Load" clipboard card with 4 specific case types: "Problem Pets", "Neighborhood Feuds", "Shoddy Goods" and "Disservices".

Along the way, opposing played can "Object", cause other players to "Lose Evidence" and send opponents to Judge Wapner to "Tell it to the Judge". 

It's a mix of basic strategy and luck. Much like the real small claims court system.

Extended Show Notes (Potential Spoilers)

The game is set up in NeoZAZ studios Orlando. 3 camera's are rolling, one on each player and one overhead capturing the game play.

Khrysti starts the show with an impressive improvisation introduction inspired by the opening sequence of The People's Court TV Show.

Matt lays out the board and gives a summary description of the roll, at least enough to get the game started.

Players roll to see if they start the game with any completed cases.

Game cards are dealt and explained. Cases are opened.

Khrysti and Matt roll off to see you moves first.

Game play begins, the extensive rules are explained further.

Soon, Khrysti hit's the first "Tell It To the Judge" forcing her and Matt to do battle.

Khrysti jumps ahead completed the case "The Case of the Bride the Cried".

Matt returns to roll and is on the path to solved his "Shoddy Goods" case. Khrysti objects, and the two face off!

Khrysti is on the war path again, pursing her "Problem Pets" case.

A bad roll creates chaos on the board.

In the interest of time, the first in studio rule adjustment in made.

Matt wins "The case of the Tire that went Kaboom" card.

Play continues and chases his "Disservices" case. 

Soon, Matt must "Tell it to the Judge".

A rush of "battles" ensue.

Matt closes the "Case of Take this Letter and Stuff it" disservices case.

Matt continues the hunt pursuing a "Neighborhood Feuds" case.

Khrysti thinks she wins her "Neighborhood Feuds" case only to learn her "Case is Closed".

Matt comes close to filling his case load by winning his "Neighborhood Feuds" case.

Rules are adjusted again to speed up the game.

Khrysti starts thwarting Matt's case pursuits, cases are found closed left and right.

Both players close in a filling their case load card.

The game comes down to final battle in an unexpected exciting conclusion.

A recap of the game and a rating closes out the episode.

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