Body-cam footage shows slain radio host's husband pulling gun on cops

June 13, 2017: Police body-cam footage shows a stand-off between authorities and Dr. James Kauffman, the husband of the slain radio host found fatally shot in her home five years ago. This video was edited for time. 

Prosecutor Tyner's statement regarding the release of this footage: “The release of the body worn camera footage of the incident on June 13, 2017, involving ACPO detectives, FBI agents and local law enforcement officers that resulted in the arrest of James Kauffman, is keeping in line with my office’s commitment to transparency and communication with the public. The release of this body worn camera footage was completed to share this specific content with the public and the media on ACPO’s platforms, including: YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and the ACPO website,” Atlantic County Prosecutor Damon G. Tyner announced. 


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