Robert Ley Aka Hitler Aboard The Robert Ley (1939)

Unused / Unissued Material - dates unclear or unknown


WS. The Strength Through Joy Liner "Robert Ley" at sea with Tug alongside. WS. From on board Liner towards German port. LS. Crowds waving. WS. Low Angle Liner being pulled by tug. LS. Liner MS. Nazi Flag with harbour in the background. WS. Liner. LS. Below decks. MS. Two women being shown into a cabin. WS. Robert Ley bridge. CU. Phones on the bridge. CU. Control panel. CU. Control panel with outline of the Liner. CU. Control panel with plans of each deck of the ship. WS. Liner WS. Long corridor filled with people. LS. Adolf Hitler and lieutenants below decks on the Robert Ley. MS. Hitler shaking hands with the crowds. MS. Hitler talking to crowds. LS. Flag flying on ship. MS. Women playing with ball. CU. Couple dancing. LS. Dancing on deck. LS. Flag flying on the deck. MS. Hitler chatting with crowds. LS. Crew member signalling with flags. WS. German warship seen from the deck of the Robert Ley. WS. Flags flying on the Robert Ley.  WS. U-boat seen from the deck. CU. The Fuhrer. WS. U-boat. CU. Hitler. WS. U-boat. WS. Launch. CU. Sailor. LS. Hitler and Nazi officers walking up the gangway. WS. Hitler and party walk past reception group Hitler giving Nazi salute. MS. Hitler talking to young child. WS. Group of women leaning over balcony giving the Nazi salute. LS. Hitler shaking hands with crowds. MS. Hitler shaking hands with children WS. Jetty lined with crowds. WS. Hitler talking with sailors. WS. "Robert Ley" LS. "Robert Ley" with crowds waving from the upper decks. LS. Hitler boarding the  "Robert Ley" from a launch. WS. Ships Kitchen. MS. Chefs crowded round a range. CU. Pans frying. LS. Chefs handing food to waiters. 

WS. Dining hall waiter laden down with tray. WS. Dining hall with diners. MS. Pan from diners to portrait of Hitler. LA. Pan from ceiling to Guests and continue to see ballroom dancers. WS. Dance hall with band CU. Orchestra MS. Dancers. MS. Ships Orchestra.  MS. Dancers. WS. Dance hall with dance in progress. CU. Couple dancing. LS. Chandelier pan down to see dancers. MS. Saxophone players. WS. From balcony through grill which has a Swastika decoration. CU. Chandelier. CU. Wheel of ships bridge. WS. View out to see from ship WS. Out to sea including ship's lifeboats. LS. Bow of boat with "Robert Ley" pan to sea the side of the Liner. MS Adolf Hitler looking out of a window. WS. Launches alongside the Robert Ley. WS. Launches and port. WS. "Robert Ley" WS. From deck of the liner towards port. MS. Adolf Hitler (the Fuhrer) and kitchen staff. WS. From deck of ship towards port. MS. Hitler talking to a young girl patting her face. WS. "Robert Ley" surrounded by tugs and launches.  
 FILM ID:606.04


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