Ray J EXPOSED Kim Kardashian. SEX BOX FULL of TOYS made by Louis Vuitton and MORE

KIM's TAPE http://www.worldwidespotlight.com/black-celebrity-gossip/kim-kardashian-and-ray-js-5-minute-porn-leaked-again-video
Black Celebrity Gossip - Ray J is all over the news this morning. Apparently he did a interview two days ago that exposed Kim Kardashian for a couple of things that we didn't know about her. 
According to Ray J, Kim Kardashian spends over $100,000 a year on thongs and G strings, Ray J also mentioned that Kim Kardashian has a Louis Vuitton BOX full of SEX TOYS. Worldwide Spotlight is not sure if Ray J is saying this now for the clout but Kim Kardashian quickly responded to Ray J by calling him a pathological liar. One of these two celebrities are lying, is it Kim Kardashian or Ray J.
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