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The Barbie Pink Passport Glamour Vacation Jet was the perfect way to get all of the Disney Princesses to Waterslide Island for a vacation! 
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Barbie Pink Passport Glamour Vacation Jet 
Let imagination soar with this Barbie glamour jet where stories travel in style! There are three luxurious looking pink airplane seats with seat belts for realism buckle up to take off! The back of the plane with its cabinets and compartments is perfect for storage. And this flight offers food service! The food cart holds three trays three "meals" and three drink cups that can be filled with water or coffee pitchers of both are included along with realistic ice cubes and tongs. Be the pilot, the flight attendant, the passenger or all three because with Barbie you can be anything! Includes Barbie jet with three chairs a food cart, three trays three meals and three drinks.

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