Hearts of Iron IV & Hitler’s Face: Commentary on German Computer Game Ratings, Policy & History

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I have enough of various Germans defending their mindless and unjust laws again and again, no matter if they do it directly or indirectly. The explanations usually completely ignore everything from common sense, to justice and history, because assume that discouraging conflicting opinions is the right thing to do.

"Die deutschen Censoren  -----[…] ----- Dummköpfe” – Heinrich Heine

“The German censors ---- […] ---- idiots.” -Heinrich Heine

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Telepolis Article: http://www.heise.de/tp/artikel/7/7284/1.html


S. 196, Jan Kindler: Die Schlacht um Stalingrad im Film; in: Stalingrad Militärhistorisches Museum.
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The Counter-Design is heavily inspired by Black ICE Mod for the game Hearts of Iron 3 by Paradox Interactive

Ethan Meixsell - Demilitarized Zone (the Irony :D) 


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