Barbie & Ken Airplane Travel Routine - Holiday Hotel Vacation - Titi Dolls

Barbie & Ken go on holiday vacation! Barbie travels in her pink airplane glamour jet playset with Ken. They watch Tv and order food from the Barbie flight attendant. They arrive at their destination! They check in to their grand hotel and are greeted with yummy coconut drinks. They go to their hotel room that has an ocean view! Barbie unpacks her bags and suitcases and puts on her bathing suit! barbie and ken go to the beach and pool and even go swimming and scuba diving. They see dolphins and all kids of amazing fishes. Barbie & Ken really enjoy their vacation adventures but cant wait to get back and tell all their friends and family especially Barbie Sisters, Chelsea, Stacie and Skipper.

Toys Featured:
Barbie Pink Glamor Jet Airplane
Barbie Doll Airport Playset 
Barbie Grand Hotel Playset Hawaiian
Barbie boat
Barbie flight attendant
Barbie & Ken Dolls

Music by:
Epidemic sound


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