New York City Parks Dept Says No Flying Drones in NYC Parks Well I Beat the System

If you go to my some of my other videos you will see I have been flying in this park for a while. A year to be exact, I have taught other people how to fly here also. Bayswater Park is a NYC Public Park with Bayswater State Park right next to it. After being told I could no longer fly in Bayswater public park, I was told I could fly in State Parks. Well Bayswater State Park is mostly water except for the coast of the park. I welcome NYC Drone Hobbyist to come visit, the only problem is you have to be registered. Because before most flights I have to call JFK International Airport. Depending on your flight path and height they will ok most flights. As long as they are not flying over the park. At worst I have called so much "ATC" Air Traffic Control" in the tower will tell me there is a 200 ft limit due to traffic in the area. So you can fly within the 5 mile radius of an airport. But here's the catch : IT CAN ONLY BE BETWEEN THE 3 TO 5 MILE RADIUS OF THE AIRPORT. 3 miles or closer is NO FLY ZONE for everyone. 


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